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A Dozen Weeks In

This week has been super fun creating fan media for my book, World War Z! I loved having the topic already chosen (the contents of the book and some from the movie adaptation) and then having a refined list of things from different categories to choose from (I highly applaud Martha in digging through all of the assignments for us).

I meant to not do two assignments from the same category, but that didn’t really work out since two audio assignments were just calling my name. Here are links to all four of the works I created this week.

World War Z Remixed Ending

Phalanx, the Cure for All Your Pandemic Worries!

Why So Serious? You’re in Zombieland!

A Fragment of What World War Z Sounded Like


I found some crazy connections this week! I first set out to see what types of things Dr. Rausch was questioning Martha on, but then I fell down a rabbit hole that included a strange disappearing student (or maybe never even a student at all but an employee at the Simpson Library?) and Millard Rausch’s real identity!

Millard Rausch Isn’t Who He Says He Is??

My own evidence strangely tied into Cypherpunk’s findings. I also read though Joshua’s proposal that Martha is indeed infected with the E.N.D. virus (including lots of detailed evidence for this!) and that her hat is being held hostage until we as a class cease our investigations. I think there is so much more to figure out about this, and we only have a couple more weeks ahead of us so who knows what new information will come to the surface?



Question of the Week!

Look to your right. The thing you see is the only weapon you’ll have during the End. How will you use it to survive?

So the thing I see to my right is my closet door. It is thinner than a normal door, so I guess that’ll make it easier to carry, though it is pretty heavy. I could maybe break it up in various ways, keeping one large piece as a shield, other parts I could break down into tools, and maybe I could make a spear out of it from a long edge. If I couldn’t take it apart, then I would have to use it to smash zombie’s heads in or, if there are many of them, push them out of my way?

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