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Millard Rausch Isn’t Who He Says He Is??

When thinking about evidence, there was one thing I wanted to break apart more than anything: Dr. Millard Rausch’s first appearance. I went and rewatched the video from week 5 where Dr. Rausch came into Martha’s office.

I noticed that he mentioned a student who was on the slack but not in our class. I dug into it and found the student, “Neo-Rev”, posted twice at the beginning of the semester (once in January and once in February) and then never again.

Her February post, Heed the Call, is the spookier of the two. At one point, she claims to “sense the approaching end,” whatever that means. This could be a major connection to the E.N.D. virus or simply our class, The End.

So, what happened to Neo-Rev? I looked on our Slack and found a second name associated with the account, “Shannon”. I then looked up the email and found Shannon Hauser under the campus directory. Apparently she is a Technical Services Specialist at the Simpson Library? How does that connect to our class? Let me know if you have any ideas!

Neo-Rev also mentions working under the “Reverend”. Neo-Rev speaks here about the Reverend:

He always pointed to something bigger than himself and he called for action.

The word Reverend itself was linked to a site called “bava tuesdays”. I scrolled through some of the posts, of which I couldn’t quite understand the content, but then I saw a face I recognized.

Look familiar? Take a look at Millard A Rausch’s ID card that was found by cypherpunk.

Crazy right? I did a little more investigating and came upon a twitter account of one Jim Groom, with some pictures that looked exactly like the man who came into Martha’s video in Week Five. While his name isn’t Millard Rausch, the connection is beyond eerie. I even found one tweet that solidifies the connection with Groom through Reclaim Hosting! (Sepcifically: take a look at the third photo!)



If anyone has anymore evidence connected to this, please don’t hesitate to let me know!

One thought on “Millard Rausch Isn’t Who He Says He Is??

  1. I’m glad we had your lead on the social media sites of this imposter. It blows the doors wide open on trying to get to the bottom of this. Neo-rev, I remember this name as well from the first couple of day/weeks of this class, and they fell off the face of the interwebs/DS 106 community were they harmed or hushed by this potential menace.

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