World War Z Remixed Ending

The ending to the movie World War Z is much different than that of the book, but it lent itself into remixing quite well.

I went through a good number of scenes online to see which I wanted to remix, and the ending was the one with the most normal talking/sound effects and least zombie noises (which are usually great but not fitting for this assignment. Though, now that I think of it, I could have remixed ONLY zombie noises. Very tempting…)

I did the Context assignment, though I am not sure how much I changed the meaning exactly. The most troublesome part was working around the background music that was already in the movie’s audio. Besides that, slicing and merging and layering the audio was really fun. I was excited to get back in to using Audacity, and I still am, so I wouldn’t be too surprised if I did another audio assignment for this week.

I see the final product as possibly being a dramatic story of an unspecified introvert who wants to just disappear (in all forms).

2 thoughts on “World War Z Remixed Ending

  1. I read World War Z as well I really like what you did here with your remix of the audio. Where did you end up getting your audio from youtube, the actual movie ?? I feel you did a good job!!

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