World War Z – New 2018 Cover!

I have created my own cover for the book World War Z by Max Brooks! Below is the original cover:


And here is my cover:

I tried making my version less gritty (except for the Earth) and more modern, since much of the book looks retrospectively at the past events. I also brought in the human/zombie element along with the worldwide breadth of the pandemic.

The dark background has a subtle swirling pattern that isn’t blatant but, when noticed, adds depth and dimension to the cover. I decided to sandwich the title’s text with the author and subtitle texts’ to make the title more obvious (besides its already larger size). I used Canva to create this cover and found the process to be simple for the most part. The only frustrating thing was how slow it was for me to select different elements. I am not sure if it was my computer’s fault or just the site (or some combination of both).


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