Why So Serious? You’re in Zombieland!

More fandom creations of World War Z!

I did the assignment Why So Serious? in which I had to put funny audio over a dramatic (even traumatic) scene from the movie adaptation of my book.

Initially, I wasn’t quite sure what comedy to dub over World War Z. I played around with using audio from Elf, but I just couldn’t get the right mix. I ended up googling “comedy movies” and saw Shawn of the Dead. From there, I decided to stay within the apocalypse genre and use audio from Zombieland. When I first saw it last fall, I thought the movie was going to be way more raunchy than it really was, and I appreciate it for that.

I highly recommend both Zombieland and World War Z (even if the book and movie are entirely different). To get a taste of both, why not watch the video I created?

I used part of the opening of the movie Zombieland and laid it over the Philadelphia scene from World War Z. The video quality wasn’t the best, but I couldn’t find any better version of it, sadly.

I had to do a little bit of cutting (and thankfully I was able to use a Mac with iMovie for that instead of my HP’s Movie Maker) but in some places the audio fell PERFECTLY into place. Other places were a little more challenging, but I eventually worked everything out.


2 thoughts on “Why So Serious? You’re in Zombieland!

  1. Wow, just Wow. I’ve heard a lot of people say that they use I-Movie, I feel like I am totally missing out on a good editing product, thanks Dell. I really like how your voice over fell right in with the World War Z movie. If I hadn’t watched either movie I would of thought this was a voice over for the actual movie clip you showed. Over all good job!!!

    1. I used a computer at the HCC, since my own computer is a four-year-old HP and has crappy software. I highly recommend playing with iMovie when you can, it’s super fun and easy! After taking this class, I am now thinking of getting a Macbook for myself sometime before next semester.

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