Phalanx, the Cure for All Your Pandemic Worries!

I knew I wanted to go into design again, and a thought that kept resurfacing was the fake vaccine that was prevalent in World War Z. Phalanx was a vaccine for rabies, and since the zombie pandemic was initially labeled “African rabies,” it was sellable. The whole thing was a sham to get money out of people’s fears (and “They did it to themselves” according to the creator Breckenridge “Breck” Scott).

To make this concept from the book into some form of media, I decided to create a motivational poster. I figured these would have been everywhere, for the makers of the “vaccine” to have a chance  to scare the most people out of their money.


I got the background picture from Unsplash courtesy of Benjamin Davies. I also happily got to use Canva again. Playing around with the words to make them legible was the hardest part. That and coming up with the exact wording for the “ask your doctor” part at the bottom. I wanted to be true to the company that advertised Phalanx, in how they never outright said they could cure the virus that turned people into zombies.

2 thoughts on “Phalanx, the Cure for All Your Pandemic Worries!

  1. i’m totally motivated. The only thing missing is the 2 min long list of side effects for this vaccine. If I was in the situation where I needed this vaccine, I would blindly use it just off the poster alone.

    1. I like to think they’d print the long list of side effects in very small print on the back of the poster (so when you hang it up, whoops can’t read it anymore!). I also think there are lots of ads like this that people see and are convinced by every day, I can just picture this in any magazine.

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